He lost 100 weight thanks to Vite al Limite: today it is like this, but seeing him as he was before will leave you shocked

Thanks to his path to Vite al Limite he lost 100 kg, but seeing him as he was before will leave you really shocked: look here, sensational!

An incredible record, the one set by one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients during his journey to Vite al Limite. Having become part of the cast of the program, the man was able to impress not only the Iranian surgeon himself for the incredible results achieved, but also all the loyal spectators of the program. Thanks to the transmission of TLC, in fact, the father of the family managed to lose 100 kg.

A Vite al Limite lost 100 kg, here he was before. Photo Source: Instagram

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When he joined Vite al Limite, Dr. Now’s patient weighed a whopping 295 kg. Rather excessive numbers, as can be clearly understood. And which, of course, strongly influenced his life. Any type of activity, even the simplest and most obvious, was a problem for man. It is precisely for this reason, therefore, that he then decided to turn to the Iranian surgeon. Admittedly, his journey inside the clinic was really crazy. Thanks to his perseverance and good will, he managed to lose 100 kg. And even today, apparently, he would seem to enjoy excellent physical shape. What was it like before? Let’s find out together.

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He lost 100 kg at Vite al Limite and is back in super shape: this is how he was before

Gideo was one of the protagonists of the fourth edition of Vite al Limite that most managed to capture everyone’s attention. Entering it with a weight of almost 300 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient has shown that he has a strong interest in getting back into shape right from the start. It is precisely for this reason that, at the end of its journey, the scale managed to score exactly 100 kg less.

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Sifting through his Facebook channel, we learned that to date, despite years of his participation in Vite al Limite, Gideon is still in excellent shape. And it would seem that he managed to maintain a rather regulated diet. Are you curious, though, to know what it was like before? Here it is:

lost 100 kg screw to the limit
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, the differences are there and they are quite remarkable! Well done!