He made fun of Lazio, the Beasts and Rai ‘wand’ company in a tweet

The photo with Amendola, Fagnani, Rapone and Cattelan: “Free attacks from the public service but we are eagles and we fly high”

“Every bloody Tuesday, a Lazio fan already knows that he will receive a free attack from the public service. Beasts or peacocks, come on next… we are eagles and we fly high above your obsessions. We, a handful of brothers” . Lazio takes a position on social media to reply, citing among other things the banner of the fans’ scenography that appeared in the Curva Nord at the derby, to some television statements made in recent days by Claudio Amendola and the comedian Stefano Raponerespectively during the broadcasts ‘Belve’ and ‘Stasera c’è Cattelan’.

Speaking of the 2003 film ‘Caterina va in città’, in which the actor had played the role of a fascist and Lazio fan, Amendola sarcastically underlined that the part came out well “because I know them. I thought about making one asshole”, then adding: “Not for the Lazio obviously”. As for the comedian Rapone, under accusation is the phrase “Lazio’s mother is a sex worker”, in the context of a gag about ‘politically correct’ stadium chants.

Accompanying the message on social media, the biancoceleste company published a photo with the writing ‘Any given tuesday’ which portrays Amendola and Rapone together with the hosts of the two programmes, Francesca Fagnani and Alessandro Cattelan.