“He made my little dog come to a bad end”: terrifying episode for the ex Vippona

GF VIP, the former Vippo reveals a truly terrifying past background: “It brought my little dog to a bad end“, What he said

Only a few months ago, according to what was hypothesized by Dagospia, the former Vippo could have taken part again in the Big Brother Vip in its new edition currently on air.

GF Vip, the former Vippo tells a terrifying background (Credits: Facebook)

However, after the rumors emerged in this regard regarding the fact that Alfonso Signorini had fished out among the faces of the former competitors one of the possible faces to be included in the new season of the reality show, no confirmation in this sense was given. But the former Vippo has nevertheless equally captured everyone’s attention by telling the weekly Di Più an episode from his past life that has left him speechless. Let’s find out what he said.

The former Vippo tells a terrifying episode: “He made my little dog come to a bad end”

Only a few months ago, it was hypothesized that Countess Patrizia De Blanck would return to the home of the Big Brother Vip. The same she in an interview with the weekly Nuovo had made it known that she was perhaps evaluating the proposal of the conductor Signorini, however she perhaps had some requests to make.

And in fact, speaking of the return of the Countess De Blanck to the most spied house in Italy, he had said that he would consider the matter if he had the opportunity to bring his little dog Alien with him and if his request for have private bathroom and bedroom. At the moment we haven’t seen her name among the contestants waiting to join the day. However, we couldn’t help but notice Countess De Blanck’s comment regarding one of the reality’s current contestants: “A traitor, I’ll never forget,” she said in a social outburst.

ex vippona
The former Vippo Patrizia De Blanck tells a creepy background (Credits: Instagram)

There Countess Patrizia De Blanck it is surely as we know a familiar face on the small screen. At the Settimanale Di Più, only a few months ago, in an interview, he told a background from the past that turned out to be quite terrifying. The former Vippo said he had a ‘close encounter’ with the devil. It was the 90s when she lived with a man named Mino. Suddenly, a statuette that looked like a Buddha moves without anyone touching it and goes directly to the Countess. I heard a stentorian voice calling me. I was convinced it was minus and instead it came from little Buddha. He spoke in an ancient language. Only with time did I realize that it was the devil who wanted to take over my soul, De Blanck said. An even more gruesome episode emerges in her story. The voice she heard from her told her to give up her soul or her dog would die. “In fact, days later my dog ​​fell off a scaffold and smashed to the ground “, finished the Countess.