He overwhelmed and killed a child on a bike in Milan, sentenced to 8 years

The accident in via Bartolini on the evening of 9 August caused the death of 11-year-old Mohanad Mubarak. The 20-year-old was driving without a license, under the influence of drugs and with his leg in a cast, he had fled

The Milan judge Massimo Baraldo sentenced to 8 years in prison NA who on the evening of last August 9 hit and killed Mohanad Mubarak, 11, who was cycling via Bartolini. The gup, at the end of the process with abbreviated rite, accepted the request of the public prosecution against the 20-year-old accused of road murder with the aggravating circumstance of escape.

Last March, the investigating judge Lorenza Pasquinelli had rejected the request for a 5-year plea bargain (which had been approved by the prosecutor), because she had deemed the sentence too low. As reconstructed in the investigation by the local police and the prosecutor Rosario Ferracane, that evening the young man driving without a license (never obtained) had taken cannabinoids and was driving with a leg in a cast.