He participated in a Mediaset program but after a few years: “This is how I am reduced”

Over ten years ago he participated in a famous Mediaset program, but today TV is just a memory: this is what he does to get by.

The world of TV it has always been seen as a destination destined for a lucky few who, once reached, can finally change their lives for the better. The popularity, the success, the admiration of others and, of course, all the money that almost always comes from it, make the small screen the goal coveted by many.

Former Mediaset program face (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Not for everyone, however, the story continues for a long time: chance, circumstances, errors of assessment or simply the lack of artistic skills can cause the ‘dream’ to stop sooner than expected and you find yourself in conditions of true desperation. This is what happened to the former face of a well-known person Mediaset program that after that ‘golden’ parenthesis he found himself living the worst of nightmares.

It’s the weekly New Tv to show the photos that portray him while, after so many years, rummaging in the garbage can to look for something to resell and make some money. Yes, because after joining the cast of a very popular show, he decided to take the path of adult cinema for that choice did not turn out to be the happiest. Now she is in difficult economic conditions, has no job and has to take care of her mother too.

In 2010 he participated in a famous Mediaset program: his life has totally changed

If today he agrees to show his drama publicly, it is because he wants to launch an appeal for someone to give him the opportunity to repeat the experience in a reality show just as it happened in the now distant 2010. The protagonist of this bad story is in fact Davide Di Portoformer castaway de The Island of the Famous 7season led by Simona Ventura.

At the time of his participation in the game, he was a personal trainerthen on the wave of notoriety he tried to make a career in cinema for adults. “I want to share my condition with the public”, he explains on the pages of the magazine directed by Riccardo Signoretti. “The fault of the pandemic. I have to support mum Elisabetta: she lives with me, but she is bedridden and she needs care ”, he confesses desperately.

Di Porto who had previously complained to the same newspaper for having been “exploited” by TV, he does not deny that he would like a second chance right where it all started: “In reality TV I see certain characters and I have to laugh. If there is room for them there should also be for me ”. “People stop me on the street and ask me why, in the midst of that mob of unknown castaways who are The Island of the Famous I’m not there too ”, he says bluntly.

participated in the Mediaset program
Former TV show protagonist (Credits: Instagram)

Did you remember Davide Di Porto at the time of his adventure on the island?