He played Felix in the fourth season of Love Storm: what is the actor like today, would you have recognized him?

He played Felix Saalfeld, in the fourth season of The Storm of Love: How the actor is today years later.

Successful German Soap Opera, Love storm has been on the air for years. It was 2006 when it made its debut on channel 5, while since 2007 it has been broadcast on the Quattro network. To date, thousands of episodes have aired and the series has reached its seventeenth season.

It was Felix in Tempesta d’amore: how is the actor today, would you ever recognize him in this social shot? (source youtube)

In each season, the protagonists are different. Although, many other characters are still the same. Obviously, from the first season to the seventeenth, many have left and each time, the new entries are different. Do you remember Felix Saalfeld? We loved it so much in Season 4. His fate intersects with Emma’s. The young man, from the very beginning, will often be deceived by the girl’s sister. Only at the end of the season, will they get married and then leave for Canada. We will meet them again in the fifth season, and here, Emma, ​​will announce that she is pregnant. Well, do you remember the character of Felix? After some time, seeing the actor will have a certain effect on you.

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It was Felix in Love’s Storm Season 4: Did you see the actor today?

Emma and Felix were the protagonists of the fourth season of Storm of love. Their story is hampered from the beginning by the constant deceptions of the young woman’s sister, to the detriment of the man. Only in the end will love be able to triumph.

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The two protagonists get married and leave for Canada. But their story will still continue. We will see them arrive in the fifth season. Here, Emma will announce that she is pregnant. The series has reached its seventeenth season. Now, years later, do you know what the actor who played the male lead is like?

Martin Gruber today
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Martin Gruber brought on stage Felix Saafeld, making viewers passionate about the love story with Emma. Today, seeing the actor in this social shot, it has a certain effect. There has been some change, but it would not have been difficult at all to recognize it. Born in 1970, he is a German actor who became famous in Italy thanks to Tempesta d’amore.