He revealed the reason why we see little of her on TV: the confession finally arrives

He revealed the reason why we do not see her little on TV: this is what the actress confessed.

The world of entertainment is vast and becoming part of it is not easy. Above all, you must have the will and passion, you must always believe in it because often, as in any sector, something can come that stands in your way. For example, a character can do many auditions and not pass them this does not mean not being able, we must insist.

Actress confession (credits: youtube)

There are many singers, actors, comedians and many others who have had to do a lot of apprenticeship and today enjoy fame and success. In the last 30-40 years there has also been a change, on television, on the big screen, new programs and old ones canceled. Realities have changed as well as the modalities and many new formats that weren’t there before.

A little like everything, even television has undergone an evolution, and more generally the sphere of entertainment. Often a character that we used to see on TV suddenly is no longer present as before and viewers wonder the reason for this absence. And that’s exactly what happened for a much loved and very famous actress. He will soon return to the small screen with an important role but in recent years his presence has not been as strong as in the past. She explained why in an interview.

She revealed the reason why we don’t see her more often on TV: finally the actress explained it

Soon we will see her on television in fiction Mina September which will start on 25 September on Rai Uno. At the center of the plot is the character of Mina, played by the actress Serena Rossi, a social worker struggling with the problems of others but who also has to deal with her life, not without its drawbacks. Well, the cast has expanded with the arrival of another great actress.

Marisa Laurito joins it. The actress will play the role of Aunt Rosa, Olga’s sister, mother of the protagonist. Marisa in an interview with TV, Sorrisi e Canzoni, said that the whole cast was obsessed with her song in makeup and wigs. Baba is a serious thing, which she brought to Sanremo in 1989. The more she protested, the more everyone raised their voices. She revealed that in real life she is similar to her character, ‘welcoming and attentive to others’. Laurito also spoke about today’s television, explaining why it is not very present compared to before.

little reason tv
Confession of the actress (credits: youtube)

I don’t like it very much, that’s why I don’t do much TV anymore “, he revealed, saying that he does not particularly appreciate reality TV while when she took her first steps at the time she was carrying on above all an intelligent and never vulgar TV. This is why she doesn’t do much TV anymore. In a few weeks, however, we will see her again on the small screen in the fiction Mina Settembre with Serena Rossi and she will play the role of Aunt Rosa