He risked dying in Vite al Limite: shock drama, what happened to today?

During his participation in Vite al Limite he risked dying: a real shock drama, what happened to today? What do we know!

It has happened to us many times to explain how much getting back in shape for the vast majority of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients depended not only on a question of aesthetics, but of health. The story that we are going to tell you in a few moments confirms this.

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Pioneer of the sixth season of Lives on the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s very young patient immediately informed the Iranian surgeon that she needed to get back in shape. Accustomed to finding solace in food due to her parents’ drug addiction problems, bullying and sexual harassment, the 29-year-old managed to gain excess weight too soon. She was just under 30 at the time of participation in the program, yet her scale was already over 250kg.

His path in the Houston clinic, although he immediately led to great results, was not at all easy. Right in the middle of the program, in fact, the very young woman risked dying, leaving everyone in shock. An incredible drama, as you can clearly understand, but are you curious to know what happened today? Let’s find out together.

He risked dying to Vite al Limite, but how are you today?

No one would have ever imagined what happened to Lives to the Limit in the midst of his participation in the program! Having joined the Houston clinic weighing more than 250 kg, the very young woman could not help but follow the slimming program set by the surgeon. Starting from the diet, which we have seen to be quite severe and drastic, to constant physical training, the Nowzaradan patient was not at all lost in chatter and immediately obtained great results. Very soon, however, the unimaginable happened: risked dying! After the gastric bypass surgery, in fact, she had a cardiac arrest and the doctor had to induce a pharmacological coma to make her resume. Let’s talk about her: Kandi Dreier, Brandi’s sister!

After she recovered, Kandi continued her diet and continued to record excellent results. Do you know how much she has lost in total? During the episode of Vite al Limite and then, the last weight was about 97 kg, thus equal to -177 kg less from the start. A decidedly impressive achievement. How are you today? Unfortunately, we have very little news! Although she is a regular Facebook member, Kandi is not used to sharing recent snaps of herself.

risked dying lives to the limit today
Kandi and Brandi. Credits: Discovery

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