He said goodbye to television: “I have no money, but I’m happy”

He said goodbye to television: “I have no money, but I’m happy” what happened in his life? Let’s find out together!

After a long career in television, he said goodbye. Today he has changed his life and literally feels reborn, especially after the difficult period related to his health.

He said goodbye to television “I have no money but I’m happy” (Source Instagram)

“I have not disappeared, I am reborn” these are the words of the person concerned, who says that his career in the world of reality TV is over, and that he would no longer want to be part of it. “He gave me a lot but it’s time to do something else. There was no shortage of proposals, but that type of TV doesn’t interest me anymore “. Now the former face of reality TV is dedicated to his mental health, but also to others, as a mental coach. His decision came after an unpleasant event related to his health in 2018 that made him open his eyes, and also after a long journey of reflection on his inner well-being.

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He said goodbye to television!

“Now I don’t have any money, but I’m happy”, these are his words revealed in his newly released book. This is the former reality and television star, Walter Nudo. He is an actor and former boxer, former karateka and racing driver, but he is known to the general public for having won the third edition of the Big Brother Vip, led by Ilary Blasi. He also got the first season win of theIsland of the famous, with 87% of preference from the public. After a life dedicated to his career, Walter Nudo in 2018, while he was in Las Vegas, was struck by a very bad illness.

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goodbye to television
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After this nasty scare the actor explained during an interview with the Corriere della Sera that “I saw death in the eyes. And thought: If it’s time to leave, have I done everything I wanted? ”. Since that time the life of Walter Nudo has completely revolutionized itself. “I experienced depression, bankruptcy, I no longer walked, I had heart surgery, I separated. Now I have made all this available to others ”. And he explains it very well in his brand new autobiographical book entitled Life Happens For You: A Journey to Discover Happiness.

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Incredible! You knew about the decision of Walter Nudo to abandon television? We are happy for him.