He said goodbye to the program and now he reveals his relationship with Maria De Filippi

He said goodbye to the beloved program of Maria De Filippi, but only now has he revealed in what relationship he is with Maria De Filippi: what he said.

Who says the end is only put on weddings or engagements? In fact, it can happen that friendships can be dramatically interrupted, but also work ties. This is what happened to a beloved face of a program by Maria De Filippi.

Friends professors. Credits: Instagram

Several years after the beginning of his adventure alongside Maria De Filippi, the beloved TV face no longer figures among the fixed faces of the program. A huge twist, as we can clearly understand, the confirmation of which left everyone speechless. We do not know what lies behind the absence of him in the famous Mediaset broadcast, but we cannot help but reveal to you how much the lack of him makes itself felt in the study of the program.

Having established that, at least for the moment, he will no longer work with the queen of Mediaset, you are curious to know how I am the relations today between you and Maria De Filippi? It is precisely the person directly interested in revealing everything in the course of one of his interviews. What did he say about it? Let’s find out together.

He said goodbye to the program, but how are relations with Maria De Filippi today

We knew very well that this twenty-second edition of Amici would open with sensational news and, in fact, it was just like that. Starting from the return of a very young dancer among the students to the farewell of some ‘stars’ of the faculty, Maria De Filippi’s talent has really surprised everyone.

Among the first twists that Maria De Filippi’s talent gave her audience, there was the farewell of two pillars of the program: Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini, replaced respectively by Arisa and Emanuel Lo. No one would ever have expected such news and that is why, as soon as the confirmation arrived, many could not help but express their displeasure.

If up to now Veronica Peparini has preferred not to express herself on her farewell to Amici, Anna Pettinelli was not of the same opinion. And, on SuperGuida Tv, she explained to everyone how her relations with Maria De Filippi are currently. According to what we learn from her words, it would seem that – despite farewell to the program – between the show’s hostess and the former singing teacher there is no hard feelings at all. Indeed, the beloved Pettinelli said the relations between them continue to be excellent. “Don’t believe what they say”, he reassured everyone.

goodbye relationship program de filippi
Anna Pettinelli. Credits: Instagram

Do you also regret not seeing Anna Pettinelli among the professors of Amici anymore?