He says goodbye to TV: “I said enough and I quit”, after the shock decision he does something else

New life for the beloved presenter after making the decision to say goodbye to TV: she quit, but here’s what she does today.

There are those who choose to end their love story months or years after the start of their relationship. Or who, on the other hand, chooses to radically change her life, deciding to resign from their job. As we can clearly understand, these are equally shocking decisions, which can strongly influence the life of those who make them. And this is exactly what happened to the famous and beloved presenter several years ago.

What does it do today. Credits: Instagram

During a very recent interview with Fanpage, the beloved presenter revealed that she had resigned from her “permanent position” after 23 years and that she had completely changed her life. Obviously, as pointed out by the person concerned, making such a decision was not at all easy. And she also cost her so many sleepless nights. She reached the age of 47, however, she realized that she did not want to be “more slave” than a boss who told her what to do and chose to change direction. To date, she says she is happy and satisfied with what she has managed to achieve on her own. Who is she that she, however, she has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ to TV after years of absolute militancy and changing life after the shock decision?

He decides to quit after 23 years and to say goodbye to TV: a shocking decision, today he does something completely different

“I left because I wanted to be free, no longer a slave to my work”, these are the exact words with which Federica Balestrieri told Fanpage why, after 23 years of journalistic career in Rai, she chose to resign and start a new life. Do you remember her? For many years she has been a reference face of sport and, in recent times, of TG1.

At the age of 47, Federica chose to resign and dedicate herself to something else, just as recently Walter Nudo also told. In addition to volunteering, Balestrieri said she left for India and put her idea of ​​her into practice. “I bought some fabrics, I took them to a tailor and we made pants, a skirt, a jacket and a dress”, he said, revealing the origins of his e-commerce. Since that moment, in fact, the production of clothing has increased a lot, so much so that it was first sold in flea markets and then online.

goodbye tv decision
Federica Balestrieri Instagram. Credits: Instagram

To date, two years after the opening of her e-commerce, Federica says she is satisfied with the choice she has made. “I happen to be tired, but the stress, the negativity, the anxiety that a job brings with it, are gone”, he concluded.

To us at Sologossip, all that remains is to wish her a big good luck for her future and congratulate her on the courageous choice she has made!