He shoots a cat and has it mauled by his dogs, a viral video on social media

It happened in Partinico, in the Palermo area. The complaint from Lndc Animal Protection

A cat chased by three dogs, hit by a gunshot and then left to be mauled by the three animals. It’s yet another macabre video about animals released and posted on social media by a man from Partinico, in the Palermo area. In the video, reported by Lndc Animal Protection, the armed man is seen setting off three dogs, presumably owned by him, in pursuit of a defenseless cat. The feline manages to climb a tree but the man shoots it, causing it to fall to the ground and leaving it to be torn to pieces by the three dogs.

“We won’t let them get away with it. This hunter, because I don’t know how else to define an armed man who accompanies dogs clearly accustomed to practicing this type of activity, must pay for what he has done – states Piera Rosati, president of Lndc Animal Protection – The victim is not only this cat, but also all the other creatures it has persecuted over time. Oppressed are also the dogs she used for her crazy purposes. It is clear that for this man it has always and only been fun, a pastime worthy of being documented and shared publicly on social media. I can’t understand the minds of people like that. I sincerely hope that our complaint for the crime of animal killing will do justice to the many victims of this man. We cannot allow the concept of a social media stunt to pass, it must be clear that it is indeed a cowardly act that constitutes a crime.”