He showed his heart attack abs: Chayanne did a TBT and paralyzed the network

Translated into Spanish, TBT is something like “Thursday to return to the past” and that is why the networks are populating with rejuvenated stars that dye the day with a certain nostalgic look for the most experienced.

In this opportunity, Chayanne joined the trend and uploaded a photo with which no one could remain indifferent.

This is how the interpreter of “Tiempo de Vals” published an image in which he appears bare-chested, showing his worked abs to the camera in what appears to be the machine room of a gym from the 80s.

Unfortunately the photo is not dated.

Far from detailing the context of the image, Elmer Figueroa took the opportunity to send a cheerful and motivating greeting to his fans:

“This #TBT of a normal day at the gym. Who among you in the same mood? ????

The photo, of course, was filled with comments, reactions, hearts, and congratulations for the 54-year-old Puerto Rican artist.

Here we leave the image for you to enjoy:

Despite the fact that most of the comments are applause and nice things, there was no shortage of those who pointed out that the years have favored him and he is better now. Said in good Chilean: that he was missing a couple of casseroles at that time. What do you think?