He suddenly bursts into tears: a very hard moment for Amici 22’s student

He suddenly bursts into tears: a very hard moment for Amici 22’s pupil; what happened.

The adventure of the students of Friends 22 is now in full swing. The new class of the most famous school on TV has been formed for a few weeks and the competitors will have to do everything to keep their desk tight.

The students of Amici 22 (Credits Mediaset Play)

Despite having entered the school, in fact, the students are continually at risk and will have to prove to their teachers that they deserve the place. Also because the castings continue uninterrupted and, at any time, the teachers can decide to replace the students with new challengers. Waiting to find out who will stay in the school and who, unfortunately, will have to leave, we are talking about one of the students of this edition who he is not having a very happy time. His adventure at Amici 22 did not start in the best way and, during today’s daytime, he explained what lies behind his moment of difficulty. The dancer burst into tears and vented during rehearsals.

Friends 22, the dancer bursts into tears: “There are many things”, what happened

A real moment of despair for one of the protagonists of the twenty-second edition of Amici 22. In the middle of a dance lesson, the student burst into tears, unable to carry on the lesson. “It’s a mix of thoughts, you know I’m very emotional. When I always try to be strong, but in reality I’m not. I’m confused ”, the dancer declares to Umberto, the professional with whom he was teaching. Who are we talking about?

Of Mattia Zenzola, the Latin dancer who returned to Amici after the injury that forced him to leave school last year. And, apparently, right from its release in the last edition a very hard period began: “Since I came out last year it has been difficult, a lot. I thought a lot during that time, I promised myself to be so strong, in general, and I feel that I am not doing it well. I feel I can give three thousand times more. I am not dissatisfied, but I feel that it is not me 100% “.

Raimondo Todaro’s dancer explains that he does not feel fully fit for various reasons: “A little bit of this, a little bit of the lack of various people… ”, And that’s not all. Mattia admits that, before starting his second journey at Amici, he thought he couldn’t make it: “She was tough, but I always said to myself I have to do it, and I did it, I’m very happy. But it makes me angry that I go into class and the first ten minutes I’m confused, I’m not 100%. There are many things, shortcomings, fear of disappointing. Nobody can help me right now ”.

tears friends 22
Mattia Zenzola (Credits Mediaset Play)

After the chat with Umberto, Mattia also vents with some friends in the house, who immediately noticed that something was wrong. The competitors tried to console the dancer, giving him the right energy to continue the adventure in the best possible way.