He sued Vite al Limite, really sensational! Do you know how it is today? To put your hands in your hair

He sued Vite al Limite after taking part in it: sensational! Do you know how it has become today? To put your hands in your hair.

We have never faced this type of subject when we brought back the stories of Lives to the Limit. After, however, we have talked to you about shocking transformations and dramatic griefs, it seems right to also talk to you about those who have chosen to sue the program.

Lives to the Limit Dottie. Credits: Discovery

No one could ever imagine such a thing, but instead that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Nowzaradan with one of his Lives on the Limit patients. After taking part in the Real Time program during its fourth season, the woman would have decided to sue the docu-reality for the poor results obtained. Became known by the Iranian surgeon with her 291 kg, the patient from Nowzaradan managed to weigh 236 kg, losing only 55 kg. A not just result, mind you, but that has disappointed the woman’s expectations, pushing her to do cause to the program. What happened next? And, above all, how did it become?

After Vite al Limite he sued the program: the reason is how it has become today

After taking part in Lives to the Limit in its fourth edition and having lost only 55 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient chose to sue the program. A shocking gesture, as we can clearly understand, especially if we consider that we cannot ‘blame’ the Iranian surgeon for the poor results obtained. What, however, is more surprising is that – once back home – the young patient of the doctor has reached a shocking weight. We’re talking about her: Dottie Perkins!

With a fairly traumatic history behind her, Dottie chose to participate in Vite al Limite for her almost 300 kg, but left the clinic completely unsatisfied with the results obtained. To date, however, how has she become? You will be really surprised to know, but Perkins has changed profoundly after the Real Time docu-reality. We don’t know how much she has lost weight, but her physical shape today does not go unnoticed. Look here:

cause lives to the limit
Dottie today. Credits: Facebook

An impressive rebirth, no doubt about it! Would you have ever imagined such a result? We just have to give you our most sincere congratulations!

Tragic mourning after the program

After her experience in the Real Time program and having filed a lawsuit for – according to her – a wrong editing, Dottie had to deal with a tragic tragedy: the death of her son. It would appear that the young man had a cerebral paresis and that – after some time – he passed away. A tragic event, as it can be clearly understood, and which greatly shocked the woman.