He surprised everyone at Masterchef, but what is Daiana doing today? Drastic decision

Among the kitchens of Masterchef 2, Daiana really surprised everyone: what is she doing today? Drastic decision after the talent: how is her life now.

Forget it in the kitchens of Masterchef it’s really impossible! We are talking about the dessert Daiana Cecconi, competitor of the second edition of the beloved talent. Captured the palate of the judges during the selections with her Florentine tripe, the very nice not only managed to win the apron for the next phase of the casting, but also created a ‘shock’ path.

Daiana Masterchef. Credits: Youtube

Everyone cheered for Daiana Cecconi during the second edition of Masterchef. It must have been her soul, kind to her, good or pure about her, but also for her tasty dishes, a fact that many hoped that the very nice Florentine would be the winner of the talent. This did not happen, it is true, but Cecconi still won: she won the sympathy of the public.

Almost 10 years after Tiziana’s victory at Masterchef, there are many people who are wondering something more about the other protagonists of the talent. Recently, for example, we talked to you about how Guido D’Eramo’s life has changed today and we revealed the drastic change of Andrea Marconetti’s look, but what do we know about the sweet Daiana Cecconi? Even about her – as we did with some of her travel companions – we tracked down some more news after the talent.

How has Daiana Cecconi’s life changed after Masterchef?

Daiana Cecconi she was by no means the only competitor to have completely revolutionized her life after taking part in Masterchef. Do you remember, for example, Nicola Dragani, who at the time of talent was a dishwasher and today has revolutionized everything? How to forget it! Even the very nice Florentine, however, would seem to have completely upset her plans after the Sky program.

Always passionate about cooking, Daiana told Masterchef’s castings that she is a housewife and that she loves taking care of her family. To date, however, it would seem that her life has changed profoundly. And that the famous Sky talent gave her the chance to make one of her biggest dreams come true. Tracing her profile on Instagram, in fact, we discovered that the very nice Cecconi is not only dedicating herself body and soul to her passion – and her photogallery full of succulent dishes and precious cooking tips confirm this – but that she is working among real professional stoves. In fact, from her Instagram bio, we learn that Daiana is the cook of an ergogastronomic club that offers a wide variety of dishes. The ‘surprises’, however, did not end there at all. In fact, we read that Cecconi is the host of a program that bears her name broadcast on a local network in Prato and the author of a recipe book.

daiana masterchef today
Daiana today. Credits: Instagram

In short, he has come a long way since Masterchef, don’t you think?