He tries to enter the studio of the GF Vip without result: “I feel really discriminated against”

He shows himself in tears outside the GF Vip studio, failing to enter: “I’m leaving”.

Last night there was a new episode of the GF Vip. We saw that Marco Bellavia sent a video message to the competitors. Subsequently Alfonso Signorini asked for an opinion. In this live broadcast various dynamics were addressed. In particular, what happened in the week between Luca, Cristina and Elenoire was what captured the attention.

GF Vip, studio (credits: mediaset play)

The contestant got a massage from Nikita Pelizon. Forty said if her girlfriend saw her she wouldn’t be happy with it. Elenoire also lashed out at Luke, saying: “Two weights and two measures”. A very strong discussion was born and the former tronist in recent days has repeatedly communicated that he wants to leave the game.

In the episode, the conductor showed him the post written by his girlfriend Soraia. The young woman reported a long message in which she took sides with Salatino and lashed out at Cristina. For her, the latter she had very strong words. If something happens inside the house every day apparently there is no shortage of tensions even outside.

Gf Vip, tries to enter the studio without result and bursts into tears: “I feel discriminated against”

A new episode of the GF Vip ended a few hours ago, where surprises and twists were not lacking. The question of Marco Bellavia was addressed. He sent a video message with him son of him. Alfonso Signorini has made it known that from the next episodes, as soon as he gets better, he will arrive in the studio.

There was no shortage of tensions during the live broadcast. There was a strong clash between Carolina Marconi, Wilma and Patrizia. Between the contestants the quarrel was born during the week. It would seem that there is no certain sympathy and we have seen the reality of this relationship live. If tensions are on the agenda in the house of the GF vip, they are also felt outside. Angela Chianello, better known as Angela Da Mondello, famous for the famous phrase ‘There is no Covid’, was out of reality studies and was unable to enter. A long outburst arrived on social media in which she explained what happened.

gf vip studio
GF vip, vent (credits: instagram)

As reported, a few weeks ago he sent an email requesting to participate as an audience in an episode. You have received an invitation for four people. Yesterday she went to Cinecittà but there was a nasty surprise. She received a new email saying that the seats were over and as a result she could no longer enter the studio. The woman explained everything in the stories on instagram letting off steam. She said that she is known for that famous phrase but she is not like that, that she felt discriminated against. An outburst arrived in tears: “I’m leaving. I really feel discriminated against. I am not like that and I never will be. Enough, I really broke my ass.