He turned the page, they assure that Angélica Castro has a new partner after breaking up with Cristián de la Fuente

Angélica Castro returns to love after her marital breakdown with Cristian de la Fuente, and according to a source close to her, she would be dating a millionaire philanthropist businessman, who treats her like a true queen and takes her to lunch by helicopter. The journalist Paula Escobar was the one who delivered these details on the Instagram live “What do I tell you”.

“Angélica Castro definitely turned the page,” said the former “Zona de Estrellas” journalist, showing a video of Laura de la Fuente’s mother, where the cheerleader is seen dancing happily for life with a group of friends in a bar.

According to Paula Escobar, the relationship between Angélica and Cristián would only be as parents and friends, and there is no type of conjugal relationship between them. The television presenter would be living a new romance with an executive from the Desafío Levantemos Chile foundation, a foundation of philanthropists with a lot of money.

“It is a foundation of philanthropists, with many Lucas. This gentleman, for example, would take Angélica to lunch by helicopter… everything he deserves ”Escobar said on Instagram live.

The journalist also pointed out that Angélica is experiencing one of the best moments of her life. “Angelica is very good looking, in her best moment (…) They take her to lunch by helicopter, she goes out dancing, she is having a good time. The point is that, as I understand it, Cristián de la Fuente no longer has anything with her, ”he added.

After the infidelity scandal in which Cristián de la Fuente was involved, the television host is enjoying a new romance. Although no details have been released about the identity of the millionaire philanthropist, it is known that Angélica is living a happy stage in her love life.