“He wanted his own children and I didn’t”: the ex of Big Brother returns single

“He wanted his own children and I didn’t”: the former Big Brother competitor returns single and explains in detail the reasons for the breakup.

She was one of the most beloved contestants in Big Brother history and, recently, she is single again. It was she who confirmed it through her Instagram stories.

Ex del GF (Credits Instagram)

Through a series of videos posted in his stories, the former face of reality has confirmed the rumors leaked in recent days: his love story has come to an end. With extreme sincerity, the influencer also revealed the reasons for the breakup.

The beloved ex of Big Brother is back single: “I had to leave him”

“A love story of two wonderful years, a fairy tale, with a lot of passion. My best friend, my accomplice, my lover, his cute family, I love him a lot. But, unfortunately, I had to cut and close this beautiful book ”. Thus begins the long story offormer Big Brother contestant who, through Instagram, told the reasons for the end of his story.

A very punished and honest story, without any betrayal by either, the influencer is keen to specify. Which at this point reveals: “After two years I had to let him gothis was a selfless gesture because he wants a family of his own, he wants his own children and I don’t. I know that I can seem selfish, in this period in which everyone is pregnant, I don’t feel this need ”. These are the words of Guendalina Canessawho announced the end of his relationship with basketball player Claudio Tommasini. The two broke up after two years because the former competitor of the GF does not want to become a mother yet and there were no foundations to build a future together: “I had a dream, I dreamed of a daughter and that daughter I had“. La Canessa is, in fact, Chloe’s mother, born 12 years ago from her relationship with Daniele Interrante.

“A thoughtful choice, a dutiful choice, a sad choice, but I had to do it“, Explains Guendalina, who admits to having a period of suffering, during which she helps herself with the company of friends and her little dog.

former single big brother
Guendalina Canessa (Credits Instagram)

Guendalina Canessa to Big Brother

Today she is very famous on social networks and on TV, but do you remember her journey in the house of the GF? It was the 2007 when he participated in the seventh edition of the reality show of Canale 5, then led by Alessia Marcuzzi. To triumph that year was Milo Coretti and Guendalina won the third place. But the most attentive fans will remember that Canessa returned to the house also in 2019, in the edition conducted by Barbara D’Urso, as a guest star for two weeks. According to the first rumors, Guendalina was also to be in the cast of the next GF Vip, but it seems that her rumor has been denied. Would you like to see her again as a ‘vippona’?