He wants to get back on TV: he said it clearly but he can’t find space on the small screen

He wants to get back on TV, the famous character has said it clearly but at the moment he can’t find his own space.

In 2020 he auditioned for The Island of the Famous but with the outbreak of the pandemic the edition jumped. When the reality was back on the air, however, it was not taken into consideration. Now after a few years from the scene she wants to go back to being active on television but still can’t find a job.

He wants to come back, appeal (credits: instagram)

He said it clearly in an interview with the weekly New in which he explained that he wanted to try to participate in the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi. In particular, she considers the possibility of being able to join the cast as a couple: “I’d like to participate in the next edition, especially now that you can go as a couple “he explains. He has already thought about who he could bring in the case, his her mom: “She is very sporty and I would let her do everything“.

After some time away from the small screen, she now feels more than ready to return: “I want to get back on TV, I don’t want to stay home and cancel myself“.

He wants to get back on TV but can’t find space on the small screen

It happens in the entertainment world that in an edition or more of a program, or for several years or many, some famous person who was always or often present on TV before, is no longer seen. For example, a few months ago the mediaset and rai schedules were presented and we learned in advance which programs will be on the air again, the new formats that we will see and which ones we will not see.

Some, as we have already reported, will not have any program, while there are those who will take the helm of new broadcasts. We haven’t seen an ex-beloved winner of Big Brother Vip on TV for some time, but now, after a certain distance from the scenes, she would like to be able to return. It is she herself who reveals it in an interview with the Settimanale Nuovo where she told of seeing herself well at The Island of the Famous, especially now that it is possible to go as a couple. Alessia Macari, who triumphed in 2016 at GF Vip, said she would like to participate in L’isola: “I would take my mother with me, she is very sporty and I would let her do everything ”.

he wants to go back to tv
Will he be back on TV? (credits: instagram)

Before even seeing it in the first edition of the reality show, it was the Ciociara di Avanti another, do you remember it? She later took on the role of valet on Sunday in her, a role that didn’t last long. In recent years Alessia got married to the player Oliver Kragl and became a mother. After the pregnancy she no longer found a place on television but now she is ready to return. In addition to The Island of the Famous, the former Ciociara would also be seen well in The Masked Singer. In fact, a few months ago you made an appeal to Milly Carlucci. Will Alessia Macari’s request be taken into consideration? We’ll see!