“He wants to marry me but …”: the confession of the ‘vippona’ leaves everyone stunned

“He wants to marry me but …”: the confession of the ‘vippona’ leaves everyone stunned; his words did not go unnoticed.

The highly anticipated seventh edition of GF Vip. An edition full of novelties, starting with the completely revolutionized reality study. Also for this year, Alfonso Signorini has put on a stellar cast: we will see some good ones! In the meantime, let’s take a dip in the past …

GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

A beloved former reality contest contestant has revealed a few more details about her love life. And, apparently, orange blossoms may soon arrive. There is, however, a background: “He wants to marry me, mto…”. Here is what she told on live TV; her words did not go unnoticed.

The beloved ex Vippone confesses: “He wants to marry me but …”

Guest in the first episode of Italia Sì, the former competitor of the Big Brother Vip shared with the public “the podium of his life”. And among the most important people in his life, his companion could not be missing, whom he defines as “beautiful and dark”. To Marco Liorni, the former Vippo explained that he had received the marriage proposal, but there is a ‘but’.

He wants to marry me, it’s beautiful, but I’ve always lived as a lone wolf, I am an outsider. I have always lived on the edge of the family, actually I don’t know what a family is. His family is wonderful, I’ve never seen anything like it “. These are the words of Antonella Elia, who thus spoke of her Pietro Delle Piane. The latter is ready to get married, but the showgirl admits to being scared, as she grew up with the idea of ​​remaining a ‘spinster’, as she admitted.

Marco Liorni, however, advised her to enjoy the beautiful things and to let go if she thinks that Pietro is really the right man. And when the host asks when the wedding will take place, Antonella reveals some more details about the wedding proposal … or rather her proposals! “He has already made me two proposals and I accepted, he is also angry because he says that in the past I have already said yes to others, after ten days. But I was little and out of education I said yes! ”, Antonella emphasized with her usual frankness. Elijah, however, underlined how with Pietro it is different: “I said that in 2023 we are getting married! “. That’s right, despite the fears, the showgirl is ready to get married with her Pietro.

marry vippo
Antonella Elia (Credits Raiplay)

The two, after a brief separation following participation in Temptation Island Vip, are back together more united than ever. And, apparently, they will soon be husband and wife! We just have to wait for some more information on the highly anticipated wedding. And you, have you followed the episode of Italia Sì on 17 September?