He was an actor in A Doctor in the Family, now he’s a street artist: his life has changed

He was a beloved actor in A Doctor in the Family, but now he has completely changed his life: he is now a street artist.

There are many TV series that have alternated on our small screens and those that still have to alternate, but there are some that continue to be engraved in our mind. Among the several that aired in the late 90s, we can’t help but remember the beloved ‘A doctor in the family’.

Begun in 1998 and definitively ended in 2016, the Rai TV series was one of the most viewed and loved TV series ever. In fact, many have become passionate about the events of grandfather Libero and his family. And, just as many were those who were very disappointed when they discovered that the tenth season of the TV series would be the last.

How can we forget, for example, the very nice Cettina or the beloved Lele! In short, in these ten seasons there have been alternating protagonists! The actor which we will talk about in a few moments, however, was the most loved and among those who played a main role in most of the broadcast.

The actor of A Doctor in the Family has changed his life: what he does today

There have been so many actors who have alternated with A doctor in the family and who have made the beloved TV series timeless. Among the many that viewers have had the opportunity to ‘get to know’, there is one that – even now – continues to be very much loved.

After making his debut as Alberto in the famous TV series, the young actor rode the wave of success. Not only, in fact, he had the opportunity to take part in other very popular TV series – including Try again Prof, Il belle delle donne and many others – but he also gave life to his life in the theater. In short, it seemed that everything was going well, but it wasn’t like that at all. After becoming a father, in fact, the young actor has chosen to completely abandon this world and devote himself entirely to his family. “This choice was not understood by the experts. Directors, producers and castings saw it as a lack of respect “, the former TV face explained to Fanpage. Even today, unfortunately, his life is far from the world of entertainment and is much more akin to his passions. In fact, he said he was a tattoo artist, a craftsman and also a street artist.

I developed this passion long before I started acting. It’s like saying that first love is never forgotten “, he said. But do you know who we are talking about? Just about him:

Labate Manual. Credits: Youtube

Do you remember the handsome Alberto from A Doctor in the Family? Today the young Manuele continues to be distant from the world of TV, but he has still managed to find his place in the world.