“He was my father”: she is only now saying that she is the daughter of the famous actor

Only now has she told of being the daughter of a famous actor: the revelation takes everyone by surprise, what she revealed.

A creepy confession, the one she let herself go to the daughter of the famous actor only a few months ago. A little over six years after her death, the young woman told everyone the truth about her, revealing to everyone the identity of her father.

The famous actor is his father. Credits: Youtube

It is precisely on the day of the anniversary of her father’s death that the young woman wanted to come out ‘in the open’, revealing that she was the daughter of a famous actor. It is, therefore, a ‘secret’ kept for a long time, which however, as soon as it was revealed, caused quite a stir. In fact, no one was aware of her existence except her direct interest, who – as explained by the woman in Il Corriere della Sera – continued to maintain relations both with her and with her mother. “I didn’t have his private number because he was always the one to call us”, has explained.

She is the daughter of the famous actor, but she revealed it only now: shock confession

Unlike Federica Nargi, who has always been able to count on her father and with whom she has a very special relationship, the protagonist of this incredible revelation not only revealed that she did not have a father figure she could rely on, but that she never had one. had constantly in his life. Of course, as pointed out by her direct interest, her father, even if he did not acknowledge her publicly, he always provided for her, for her studies and for her holidays. What she has always lacked, however, is that relationship that is established between father and daughter!

Six years after her death and after a life spent in absolute silence, the woman has chosen to change her life and reveal to everyone that she is the daughter of a famous actor. In fact, not only did she turn to the court of Rome to be recognized in all respects, but she also wanted to ask for compensation for the lack of a father figure.

Many will remember the legendary Bud Spencer, but few will know that the beloved actor in addition to the ‘legitimate’ family also had another daughter who has chosen to come out only now. “Today I’m ready, not before”, Carlotta Rossi told Il Corriere della sera. Explaining, therefore, why she only now wanted to turn to the court of Rome and tell her story about her in the book “A memoria”.

Although the relationships between her and dad Bud have never been like the ‘classic’ ones, Carlotta couldn’t help but say how much the actor has been present in her life, making her miss nothing.

famous actor daughter
Daughter Bud Spencer. Credits: Youtube

Did you ever expect such a revelation?