He was Nunzio in “Un posto al sole”, as Vincenzo Messina has become today: what a transformation!

He played the role of Nunzio in “Un posto al sole”, do you know how the actor Vincenzo Messina has become today? Transformation to scream

A few years ago he was one of the protagonists of the soap opera shot entirely in Naples. He was the adopted son of Franco Boschi, one of the most loved characters in the television series. Then he disappeared from the plots of the soap, only to return, but played by a different actor. How has Vincenzo Messina become today? His transformation is incredible.

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A place in the sun, as Nunzio has become today: a scream transformation (Source: YouTube screen)

How the actor who played Nunzio in “Un posto al sole” has become today

Un posto al sole is one of the longest-running soap operas on Italian television. The series, in fact, airs on Rai 3 from Monday 21 October 1996. It is also the first soap opera entirely produced in Italy, as it is set in Naples. Unlike classic soap operas focusing on love affairs, the narrative of “A Place in the Sun” is strongly rooted in contemporary reality. Among the various issues we find social problems such as unemployment, violence, delinquency, discrimination and many others.

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Among the characters of the soap opera we find Nunzio Cammarota, adopted son of Franco Boschi. As a child he was very lively, with a rather complicated family situation: his grandfather, Nunzio Vintariello, is one of the cruelest bosses in Naples. After witnessing a murder, he bonds with Franco, who later marries his mom and becomes his father.

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As a child, the character of Nunzio was played by Vincenzo Messina, a young actor much loved by the public. Now that Nunzio has become an adult, the actor has also changed. In fact, Vladimir Randazzo is playing Franco’s adopted son. The change is frowned upon by everyone, as many were fond of Messina. But how did the old actor who played Nunzio become today?


His transformation is certainly incredible. Vincenzo has also become a man, as has Nunzio. The clean face gave way to the beard, while the aesthetic features remained almost the same. Vincenzo loves acting as always and continues to hold this profession even if we haven’t seen him on television for a long time.