He was one of Amici’s most loved faces but what happened to Garrison Rochelle?

Garrison Rochelle was one of the most beloved faces of the past editions of the very popular talent Amici, but what happened to him and what does he do today?

That of Garrison Rochelle is a face that we have known within the talent that sees Maria De Filippi running. To Friendsfor almost 18 years, he actually attended as a choreographer teacher for the dancers and students of the program.

Garrison Rochelle: today (Credits: Instagram)

Class 55, was born in Dallas. Rochelle Garrison was born first as a dancer and then became a choreographer. It was one of the pivotal faces within the program, a point of reference for many years. But then, that bond broke and the choreographer admitted the reasons why after years of teaching and career within the talent he decided, in 2018, to break that cord and move away from Amici. And so, after having occupied the chair of talent for years, we wonder what Garrison Rochelle is doing today. What happened to the former Amici teacher?

Garrison Rochelle after Amici: what he does today

Now saturated with the experience gained within the talent, the dancer and choreographer Rochelle Garrison who gave to Amici and brought all his experience, often coming to clash with the teacher Celentano for different visions and opinions, the choreographer in 2018 decided to leave the program and consequently the chair of talent. But what are you doing today? To Tv Blog he told the reasons that led him to the final decision to leave behind his experience as a teacher at Amici, however he would not have ruled out the possibility of leaving that door open and returning if the presenter were to think about it. But not only that, because he then told what he would like to do today and how he would like to occupy his time with him.

In fact, to date that he is 67 years old, Garrison has never hidden his passion and his interest in singing and acting. And so, already during the pandemic, as the same revealed, he decided to take lessons to increase his preparation. But there is also another thing that the choreographer revealed. “At the young age of 67 I decided to try my hand at something else, that is to devote more time to singing and acting, but also to TV conduction. I had decided it when I left Amici but then the covid arrived that massacred and blocked everyone“Revealed Garrison who then made it known that he would look very good in the role of host.

Rochelle Garrison
Garrison Rochelle after Friends (Credits: Instagram)

After a career spent behind the chair, will the dancer and choreographer also become a conductor? The tenacity, as Rochelle himself has made known, is not lacking .. So, everything could be possible! What do you think? Would you like to see Garrison Rochelle conducting a TV show?