He was one of the historical authors of Amici, do you remember? How his life has changed today

He was one of the historical authors of Amici, do you remember him behind the chair of talent? Let’s find out together how his life has changed today.

It was exactly 2001 when, for the first time ever, Maria De Filippi inaugurated Saranno Famosi. And it became its exceptional backbone. Since that moment, 20 years have passed and Amici not only continues to be one of the most followed programs ever, but has seen many competitors, professors and authors alternate in his studio.

He was one of the authors of Amici: here he is today. Photo Source: Youtube

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In addition to Luca Zanforlin, historical author and faithful friend of Maria De Filippi, the protagonist of our article was also one of the pillars of the Canale 5 program. As author and production manager, the good Chicco Sfondrini represented a fixed presence of the talent starting from its first edition, when it was still called Saranno Famosi, up to its eighth. But what do we know exactly about him? Having ascertained that it is exactly 13 years since Chicco Sfondrini no longer appears among the permanent cast of Amici, are you curious to know how his life has changed today? We’ll take care of telling you everything, don’t worry!

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Do you remember Chicco Sfondrini, one of the historical authors of Amici?

Chicco Sfondrini, therefore, was one of the historical authors by Saranno Famosi ed Friends. Having joined the program from the first edition to the eighth, the very likeable Sfondrini took on the role of author and production manager. For about 13 years, however, Chicco has no longer been one of the regular appearances of the program. And, although the reason for his ‘goodbye’ is not known, there are really a lot of people who wonder what happened to him. And, above all, how life has changed after Amici.

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From what we learn from the web, it would seem that Chicco Sfondrini has not changed his life. We explain ourselves better: sifting through his Instagram profile, we learned that, even if he said ‘goodbye’ and to Maria De Filippi’s programs, it would seem that he continued to work for some Mediaset programs. Among these, apparently, there would also seem to be Did you know the latest ?. But not only. From what we read from the web, it would seem that he worked as an author for other television programs as well. How did it become instead? Here it is today:

Friends authors
Photo Source: Instagram

In short, it hasn’t changed at all! Would you like to see him again?