He was only 25 when he participated in GF 12: after his life has changed, sensational!

She was only 25 years old when the Roman competitor participated in GF 12: after her life she changed greatly, sensational!

There are really many people who, in all these years, have wanted to participate in the Big Brother ‘nip’. Who to try a new experience and who, on the other hand, to try to break into the world of entertainment, there are several competitors that we have known during the editions. And, some more and some less, entered everyone’s heart.

At Gf 12 she was 25 years old, here she is today: life turned upside down. Photo Source: Youtube

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If we were to draw up a ranking among the competitors who have managed to conquer the Italian public since their first entry, the protagonist of this article would occupy the first places, there is no doubt. It became part of the very famous and coveted house of Cinecittà in the course of GF 12, the very young Roman immediately conquered the scepter of the house. It may be due to her immense frankness or sympathy, the fact is that she has been able to prove herself the undisputed queen. Too bad for the lack of victory, this is true, but in any case, the success achieved was truly impressive. To date, however, what do we know? It’s been 10 years since that time, but what’s your life like?

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He participated in GF 12, but what is his life like after the reality show?

It was one of the competitors of the GF 12 and, in a real blink of an eye, he was able to win over the whole audience from home for his immense sympathy. We are talking about her: Ilenia Pastorelli. Having entered the Cinecittà house when she was only a student and was 25, it can be said that reality TV has greatly changed her life. Because?

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Immediately after her experience at the GF ended, Ilenia Pastorelli’s life took a truly impressive turn. As many will know, the very young Roman began to study acting. And, to date, she is one of the most loved and appreciated actresses of the Italian show. Her big screen debut took place in 2015, in the movie ‘Jeeg Robot’, but has never stopped since. Without considering, moreover, all the awards received during his career.

25 years Gf 12
Photo Source: Youtube

Do you remember him? Did you also appreciate his frankness and sympathy?