He was vying for the title of winner of The Island of the Famous, but what is Brice Martinet doing today?

Do you remember Brice Martinet in The Island of the Famous? He was vying for the winner: are you curious to know what he does today? Here it is.

A reality show that puts a strain on each of its competitors had never been seen before, yet The Island of the Famous has been able to prove itself successful since its very first edition. It was exactly 2003 when Simona Ventura took charge of it on Rai Due, but even now the reality show continues to be one of the most followed on Italian television.

What Brice Martinet does today after The Island of the Famous. Credits: Instagram

For several months now, Ilary Blasi has been conducting the sixteenth edition of L’Isola dei stelle. An edition that, as also told in one of our articles, has been extended and that will draw its conclusions in a few weeks. Who will win, in your opinion? All those who have managed to get to this point have what it takes to grab the final prize pool, but only one will be able to do so. Speaking of winners or would-be winners, we couldn’t help but remember Brice Martinet, French actor who took part in The Island of the Famous in 2015. You are curious to know what happened to it today?

Do you remember Brice Martinet from The Island of the Famous? What does it do today

The edition of The Island of the Famous was truly incredible. Not only did the adventure reality land on Mediaset channels and had the beautiful Alessia Marcuzzi as its presenter, but it saw the succession of many news and competitors. Remember, for example, the famous Playa Desnuda? Whoever arrived on this beach had to do without costumes and clothes completely. The first castaways to experience the thrill of this experience were they: Brice Martinet and Cecilia Rodriguez.

They had recently won X-Factor when Le Donatella took part in The Island of the famous and took the victory. Behind them, however, the second place went to Brice Martinet. Do you remember her adventurous and combative soul? Mindful of all this, there are so many people who ask for some more information about her: what is Brice Martinet doing today? Apparently, the French actor continues to carry out this profession. Although he has added his passion for sport and the gym to it. Finally, a few months ago, some splendid news that changed his life forever.

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Credits: instagram

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