He will become a grandfather: fantastic news from the beloved actor, all crazy for him

The beloved actor has just announced to his supporters that he is becoming a grandfather: all his followers are crazy with joy for him.

A totally unexpected announcement, the one that the beloved actor has just shared with his social audience and that immediately drove his supporters crazy: will be grandfather!

He will become a grandfather. Credits: Instagram

His film career has given him a truly impressive success. Not only, in fact, his curriculum is full of very important awards, due to his extraordinary skill, but also his official social channel is among the most followed on Instagram. This is where – just as Belen Rodriguez did recently – the actor usually shares everything with his audience. Starting from shots belonging to his past life and today, but also announcements that make him crazy with joy, the Italian film star is really very active on his social channel.

Just a few moments ago, through an IG story shared on his channel, the beloved actor announced to his audience that he was becoming not no.

It will be a grandfather: the actor’s announcement makes everyone happy, it’s him

If becoming parents for the first time, it is something magical – and a former tronist of Men and women knows it well – to become not no not far behind. This is precisely what the beloved actor has clearly hinted at his supporters with this sweet surprise announcement. With an IG story that incorporates an article shared about him and his daughter, the famous Italian interpreter could not help but share this wonderful news with his audience. We have very little information on the baby’s father and how many months his mother is pregnant, but what we do not miss the opportunity to reveal is how much the happiness of the grandfather is really skyrocketing. On the other hand, how can you blame him!

According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the weekly Gente reported the sweet news. In a real blink, however, the future grandfather immediately shared the announcement on his official social channel, being wrapped in a warm virtual hug from his admirers. Apparently, the family of the beloved Italian actor will expand with a very tender pink bow!

If from a professional point of view, everything is going great, we cannot say the opposite even from the ‘private’ point of view: Christian De Sica has just announced that he is becoming a grandfather for the first time! His daughter Mariarosa, born from the marriage with Silvia Verdone, is pregnant with a girl.

Who is Mariarosa De Sica?

Unlike Brando De Sica, the actor’s eldest son, Mariarosa does not seem to have wanted to go down the same path as her father at all. Although she too is passionate about singing like her father, the young De Sica does something completely different in her life. It would seem, in fact, that she is involved in fashion and that she is a fashion designer.

grandfather actor
Daughter Christian De Sica. Credits: Instagram

We just have to wish all the best to future parents and, of course, grandparents!