He will not be on the stage of Sanremo 2022: “I’m used to having doors in my face”, a bitter outburst

Here comes the bitter outburst of the singer: he will not be on the stage of Sanremo 2022, “I’m used to having doors in his face”.

The 22 competitors in the “big” category would seem confirmed a Sanremo 2022. Among these, however, it seems that there will not be one person. He did not take very well the umpteenth exclusion from the singing competition, and he did this on social media.

It will not be on the stage of Sanremo 2022: Amaro vent (Source Instagram)

The Sanremo festival is now a very important symbolic event in our country. Whoever gets the victory also gets the opportunity to participate in theEurovision of the same year. The latest festival triumphs were the rock band Maneskin. With the new very young talents, a new one has been rediscovered Sanremo, dynamic and current. Amadeus in the last evening of December 4 he revealed to the TG 1, the names of the 22 competitors. On the stage of Sanremo 2022 however, there will not be a person who makes a bitter outburst on social media: “I’m used to having doors in my face”.

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Bitter outlet: it will not be on the stage of Sanremo 2022

Some names chosen to participate in the festival are prominent figures such as Massimo Ranieri, Emma, ​​Elisa and many others. Among these there is a great excluded, it is about Pacific September, in art I pay. Known to the general public above all for being the ex-husband of the soubrette and gieffina Miriana Trevisan. Pago is also a talented singer and has proven this throughout his career. The handsome Sardinian did not take well his umpteenth exclusion from Sanremo, and when a fan tells him not to feel sorry for it, he never misses an opportunity and says “I’m not sad, unfortunately or fortunately I’m used to having doors in my face”.

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It will not be on the Sanremo stage
Source Instagram

A big dig for the conductor Amadeus, which apparently could be partly complicit in the choice not to want I pay at the festival. His social outburst continues by saying “it is certain that we cannot say that those of the festival are not consistent, many Yes are always the same, just like NO”. A veiled sense of irony which however sends a very clear message. On the other hand, the tensions between I pay and the organization of Sanremo they are not new. Already this year he had complained on social networks about the choices made, which according to him were dictated by the market.

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Who knows if Amadeus will respond to these insinuations and how he will defend the choices of Sanremo 2022.