He will not go to the Gf Vip: painful refusal for Alfonso Signorini

Painful refusal for Alfonso Signorini: not even he will go to the GF Vip, the words of the beloved conductor leave no room for doubts.

It would seem that this is by no means a ‘very lucky’ edition for the fourth consecutive GF Vip of Alfonso Signorini. After the very unpleasant news regarding the departure date, the conductor received yet another painful rejection. It is not at all something serious, but of yet another TV face who has categorically rejected the reality show of Canale 5.

Gentlemen. Credits: mediaset Play

If many would like to take part in the GF Vip – and there are those who even apply to become part of the famous Canale 5 reality show – there are those who, on the other hand, would absolutely not want to take part. This is precisely what, in the course of a very recent interview, a beloved TV face clearly said without too many words.

It is absolutely not the first time that some well-known faces of the Italian show confess that they have no intention of taking part in the GF Vip. There are those who, in fact, have their own forward to pursue – especially the professional one – and do not want to give it up at all to participate in a reality show. This is the case, for example, of a famous local conductor, who confessed to having received many times the proposal to become a competitor of the GF Vip, but to have always given up.

Painful refusal for Alfonso Signorini: he said ‘no’ to GF Vip

“They have proposed it to me many times, but now they no longer ask me. They know my answer is always no “, it is with these exact words that the beloved TV presenter explained that he had received several times the proposal to participate in the GF Vip, but never accepted. “I have my life”, he went on to tell Nuovo Tv, explaining the reasons for this painful refusal for Alfonso Signorini. Curious to know who we are talking about? Perhaps you would never imagine it, but it is Giorgio Mastrota who revealed to the famous weekly that he is not ready to cross the red door of Cinecittà. “I prefer to do well what I do rather than go on TV and talk nonsense”, he said again.

In short, it would seem that – to the list of those who have chosen not to participate in the GF Vip – the name of Giorgio Mastrota is also added. What do you think? Would you have liked to see it live on Canale 5?

The fantastic news

During his interview with Nuovo Tv, Giorgio Mastrota could not help but talk about his private life and let himself go to a surprising revelation. It would seem that – years after the beginning of the love story – the beloved host is ready to marry her with her.

gentlemen I refuse
Giorgio Mastrota. Credits: Youtube

Therefore, we can only wish Giorgio Mastrota and his future wife a wonderful life together.