Health card without a chip, booking visits at risk: the Lazio plan

D’Amato: “Task Force with Laziocrea and the ASL to anticipate any difficulties in tracking data and health records”

The risk of the health card without a chip, due to the lack of semiconductors for the production of microcircuits, could undermine the system for booking medical visits. “For us it is certainly a discomfort”, explains to Adnkronos Health Alessio D’Amato, councilor for health of the Lazio Region. “The problem for health cards will be there as soon as they expire and the new ones arrive – continues D’Amato – The anomalous thing is that the one with the chip expires and is replaced by one without. Instead of going forward, you go back”. How is the Lazio Region preparing for this eventuality? “We are creating a task force with Laziocrea and the local health authorities to anticipate any difficulties in tracking data and health records”, replies D’Amato.

To avoid ‘jamming’ the booking system for specialist medical examinations, when will the Lazio plan start? “On the booking system we should have no problems for all those who have Spid and an electronic identity card – warns the commissioner – The only ones who access by inserting the health card in a reader but they should be very few”.

The alarm for the consequences of a shortage of semiconductors at the base of the microchips that are inserted in health cards, was raised by Sogei. “The Ministry of Economy and Finance, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition and with the Revenue Agency and thanks to the support of Sogei, given the serious international crisis that causes the possible scarcity of the materials necessary for the production of the microchip present on the Ts-Cns (health card and national service card) – explains Sogei in a recent note – in order to avoid disservices to citizens in accessing online services through Cns, with the Ministerial Decree of 9 June 2022 provided for the dissemination of the health card also in a simplified version (without the microchip); a necessary provision as the precious materials for the realization of integrated circuits are currently, not only in our country and not only for the creation of cards, which are difficult to find “.

“The decree also provided that it is possible to extend the validity of the use of the microchip of the Ts-Cns already activated by the citizen, allowing to use, until 31 December 2023, one’s own Ts-Cns previously received, even if it shows a validity date already expired “, explains Sogei.

“It is important to specify that the lack of a chip on the health card does not cause any inhibition for the use of the same to take advantage of the services guaranteed by the National Health Service such as the booking of specialist visits and examinations – underlines Sogei – the request for provision of services or drugs, and health care in other states of the European community through the Team shown on the back of the card. Furthermore, we remind you that access to online services of public administrations can also be done with Spid and card. ‘electronic identity’.