Health: Malavasi, ‘Schillaci would like more resources? They don’t even spend what they have

“The Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci looks like a Martian: he declares that 20 billion allocated to health care from the Pnrr are few and that we need to reorganize local medicine. We also agree on this. Too bad that in the meantime they are unable to spend the funds already allocated and throw in the towel on the construction of community houses which are an essential element for creating a territorial medicine that supports the needs of citizens”. Thus, in a note, Ilenia Malavasi, deputy of the Democratic Party and member of the Social Affairs Commission after today’s declarations by Schillaci, speaking at the Forum in the Masseria “L’Italia chevenire”, in Manduria (Taranto).

“To date – he continues – just 0.7% of the resources allocated to healthcare have been spent. Instead, to speed up and seek remedies, the Government is thinking of reducing the scope of the intervention or silencing those who, like the Court of Auditors, have made The bitter truth is that for this government, healthcare is not a priority from any point of view and, in fact, the Def says in black and white that the health care expenditure ratio will gradually fall below 6%. bringing up the rear in Europe at a time when we are experiencing personnel shortages, we are witnessing ever greater difficulties in guaranteeing adequate care for the patients”.

This executive “is weakening beyond all limits the national health service which risks being dismantled. Italy is moving further and further away from the European average and at present it is not possible to guarantee access to treatment for all citizens. For this reason, Minister Schillaci’s words appear really out of place; they are empty boxes. They should commit themselves to completing the reforms of the Pnrr, otherwise they will be remembered as those who definitively destroyed public health “, concludes Malavasi