Health problems prompted him to cancel the tour: how is he now

The famous artist tells TMZ what his condition is now that he has canceled the tour due to health problems and what he is doing now.

The post published some time ago by the star idol of crowds of young people had left everyone speechless: “I need to take time to heal and take care of myself and my mental health, first of all”, he wrote to announce the decision. to postpone some dates of his tour.

Health problems canceled tour (Credits: Instagram)

He then decided to completely cancel the concert series that began on June 27 in Oregon: “The reality is that I was not at all ready to face the difficulties of the tour after this period of absence”, he wrote in another post on Instagram . In it he revealed that he had turned to “an incredible group of health specialists” to try to free himself from the stress accumulated over all these years.

Although he is very young, the famous singer started his career as a teenager and has been touring the world since he was just 15 years old. A lifestyle that led him to spend a long time away from family and closest friends and that he no longer held up.

Now, interviewed by TMZhe told what his health conditions are now that he is dedicating himself to himself and to the people closest to him.

He canceled the tour around the world due to high stress: what he does in this period

The artist we are talking about is certainly one of the most prominent young talents in recent years. This is the Canadian model, songwriter and musician Shawn Mendeswho has become a real star since 2013, when he started releasing song covers on the Vine app.

Son of a Portuguese father and an English mother, Mendes was born in Toronto and three days ago he turned 24. His career was always uphill, until two weeks ago she admitted it was time to stop. She then reassured the fans by explaining that the decision to cancel the tour is not indicative of a definitive stop to the music: “I promise I’ll be back as soon as I take the time to heal.”

Currently off stage, Camila Cabello’s ex-boyfriend told TMZ how is this period going by. She would reveal that she spends a lot of time with loved ones trying to relax and engage in relaxing activities like going out for dinner, going to the beach and having fun. Mendes had also talked about mental health and, according to what reported by the American site, he would be undergoing psychotherapy to heal.

Tour canceled health problems (Credits: Instagram)

Does it seem to you that the beautiful Shawn has made the wisest decision?