Health, Scatizzi (Acoi): “We ask politics for an NHS accessible to all”

“The day after the elections we will be punctual to ask that the National Health Service be truly universal and usable by all and that it can in the shortest possible time be identical in the North as in the South. We will ask the new rulers for investments especially for hospitals and for the health service in the South. ”Thus Marco Scatizzi, president of Acoi, on the occasion of the opening day of“ Proud to be surgeons, towards the best performance ”the 40th Congress of the Italian Hospital Surgeons Association (Acoi).

Up to 21 September around 1,800 surgeons from all over Italy will compete in the 63 scientific sessions scheduled. “We want to send messages of hope – continues Scatizzi – an invitation to go forward defending the values ​​of Acoi, showing the pride of being surgeons, aiming for progress and technological innovation”.

Technology is one of the great protagonists of the congress: “Technology increasingly allows us surgeons to do our job well, offering our patients the most efficient and effective solution. Inside the technology there is the security that is fundamental for our performances “, concluded Scatizzi.