Healthcare: Artemisia Lab, at the start of the II level master’s degree on clinical ultrasound

The second edition of the II level Master “Clinical ultrasound in internal medicine, pediatric and interventional” is underway, Uniroma5 – Humanitas University Consortium, academic year 2023-2024, for which the network of clinical and diagnostic centers Artemisia Lab, through the Analisys EURMarconi of Rome, confirms itself as the university location for the practical internship. The objective of the Master is the all-round training of doctors who are experts in diagnostic ultrasound imaging in the internal medicine, pediatric and interventional fields, through the in-depth study of the technical aspects related to the mastery of the use of the equipment, normal anatomy and the main frameworks of pathology of the various organs and systems found in clinical practice.

The internship also includes insights into the aspects concerning the new technologies applied to diagnostics and interventions. This is the first II level Master’s degree in the ultrasound field which will allow the student who eventually stands out to participate in a selection to access a further 3-month free internship, at the end of which he could be considered suitable to join part of the expert team as a junior sonographer.

The main Italian professionals and teachers in the ultrasound field participate in the Master, in the context of which a partnership has also been signed with the Catholic University, in particular with the working group of Prof. Antonio Gasbarrini, Director of Internal Medicine and Dean of Faculty. Director of the Master is Prof. Francesco Pignataro, who will conduct the internship together with the head of ultrasound diagnostics of the Artemisia Lab Analisys center, Dr. Marco Gismant.