Healthcare, Meritocracy Italy: “Oncology right to oblivion approved, checks must not be neglected”

“Many citizens, after having faced and managed to fight invasive and devastating diseases, continue to be penalised, even in the absence of relapse, by banks and insurance companies, which operate a lower rating precisely because of the previous oncological pathology. It is almost impossible erase a stigma that also makes it difficult to access financing for the purchase of properties, for which very onerous guarantees are required and more onerous conditions are applied. Meritocracy Italia applauds the legislative initiative, which restores dignity and equal treatment to all and constitutes a step towards a more equal society.” Thus, in a note, the president Walter Mauriello asks: “The same rights are also recognized to people affected by HIV positivity or other pathologies that require lifelong health treatments, who are not therefore worthy of discrimination”.

Meritocracy underlines the “need to provide an adequate system of controls, with sanctions in the event of infringement of the right to oncological oblivion, especially by banks and insurance bodies, also resorting to presumptions deduced from the application of different conditions or from the unjustified refusal to contract”.