Healthcare: Rome, super ultrasound with AI at the Artemisia Center

Multiparametric ultrasound associated with Artificial Intelligence. This is the announcement by Mariastella Giorlandino, administrator of the Artemisia Lab Network, who explained: “In the Artemisia Lab Analisys centre, Eur/Marconi area, it is currently possible to carry out multiparametric ultrasound, an ultrasound examination with the most advanced diagnostic technology today available, which is shaping modern medicine. This is a method that combines traditional ultrasound and color Doppler with the new Strain and Shear Wave Elastographic techniques; thus information is obtained on the volume and structure of the organs, measuring their vascularization and elasticity. This powerful tool is crucial in the diagnosis and monitoring of several conditions, including thyroid and breast nodularity, hepatic steatosis, liver fibrosis and inflammation.”

“Using high frequency probes up to 22 MHz, the technology allows for accurate and early diagnosis – continues Giorlandino – reducing the need for more invasive tests. But not only that. The recent incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into this technology offers a new frontier in the field of diagnostics. AI can compare the images obtained by doctors with a global database, further improving diagnostic capacity and promoting early diagnosis.”

The founding objective is to create an integrated system, managed by specialists expert in the use of the latest generation technologies, capable of taking into consideration, connecting and comparing all the multiple data concerning each patient with suspected oncological pathology (anamnestic, clinical, radiological, genetic and anatomopathological) to carry out – underlines a note – a refined global assessment and more precisely identify the risk class, correctly and early directing each person to the best possible treatment and follow-up protocols for the specific case. This innovative clinical-diagnostic approach represents a revolution in the medical-scientific field, in particular for patients with prostate cancer – one of the tumors with the highest incidence in the male population – thyroid and breast cancer, the most frequent neoplasm in the female gender, in all age groups.