Heart attack, Christina Aguilera shares the most applauded snapshot wearing only a white bikini

on 2022 Christina Aguilera he was filled with emotion, memories and achievements, sharing some of the highlights of the weekend.

The Grammy-winning singer took to her social media to reveal a montage dedicated to last year.

Christina posted the video on her Instagram for her 8.6 million fans and followers to enjoy. The video was beautifully produced, with colorful text highlighting some of Christina’s best memories of 2022.

Additionally, Christina spoke in the background to provide the narration for the roundup post. Christina explained some of her themes for 2022, such as freedom, self-expression, and living her best life. The “Dirrty” singer said those tracks were essential to her music and vital to her as an artist.

Some special moments of 2022 included Christina’s Latin Grammy Award win and the 20th anniversary of her album, Stripped. Christina also toured the world, boarding a private jet with her daughter, Summer Rain Rutler, who appeared in the montage.

One of Christina’s notable 2022 appearances was at the Cannes Film Festival, with her performance in the South of France also featured in the clip.

Christina Aguilera recalls her best moments of 2022

In one part of the video, Christina wore a Holy Trinity bikini in the south of France. As fans will remember, Addison Rae wore a similar bikini, but she received backlash and faced blasphemy charges.

Christina posed in a white string bikini top that read “Father” and “Son” on both sides of the top and “Holy Ghost” on the bottom. She was standing in the pool area with her blonde locks blowing in the wind as she posed in the white two-piece.

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