Heart attack, Evaluna Montaner wreaked havoc with her latest bikini publication and is criticized for her maternity

Venezuelan singer, actress and dancer Evaluna Motaner She recently reached her Instagram account to upload a set of photos and videos in which she looks very pretty and happy from the beach and also took the opportunity to show off her sexy tattoo.

And despite the fact that almost everything was applause and positive comments, there were also those who took advantage of the publication to leave comments and criticisms regarding the way in which together with Camilo they are raising their baby, Indigo.

The sensual photos of Evaluna Montaner

As is customary for the “Thief” singer, she used the camera’s social network to post photos showing off all her beauty. This time she did it wearing a sexy pink bikini from the beach along with the caption “Ta linda la luz”.

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The actress Stefania Roitman was one of the celebrities who commented on the publication of evaluna saying “Vo tas linda”

Criticism of Evaluna Montaner for raising Indigo

As often happens on social networks, it was not all kisses and laughter, but there were also Internet users who took advantage of Evaluna’s publication to leave messages criticizing the decision she had with Camilo to raise her daughter @ Índigo without a specific gender.

One person commented “She is raising her daughter under love, so she wants her to be a non-binary being that she decides when she is an adult, but is that normal in Christianity? To the people who sell that they are Christian catilino and are with God? Is that going to be okay with God?”

While another went further and commented “So, your daughter is a Martian or a girl or a boy or what’s up? If you are a Christian you should know that God created the name and the woman. Hope that even if your daughter is of legal age to decide if you want to be a girl or a boy or a dalmatian dinosaur etc.”

And to complete the picture someone launched a more risky and hardly possible theory saying “They are no longer Christians nor have they been, it is only a screen, they are elite illuminatti and they take Christianity as a shield what a horror”.