Heart attack, Marla Solís, the youngest daughter of Marco Antonio Solís, blew up the net with her cleavage

Marla Solisthe young and talented youngest daughter of the famous Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solisis attracting attention on social networks thanks to its beauty and its stage presence.

At 22, the young singer is one of the promises of Latin American music and hopes to be recognized as a solid artist in the future.

Marla Solís began her musical career in the middle of last year with the release of her own singles, including “Quédate”. She recently presented her new song “More than your friend”, a song that was released by her father a few years ago. In addition, the young woman has demonstrated her talent before a crowd in El Salvador.

Marla Solis / Source Instagram @maroficial
Marla Solis / Source Instagram @maroficial
Marla Solis wearing her dress / Source Instagram @maroficial

Marla is a young woman who is very close to her family, especially her father, who is her mentor and whom she deeply admires. The young woman is also very close to her sisters Alison and Beatriz, both also singers.

Marla Solis / Source Instagram @maroficial
Marla Solis / Source Instagram @maroficial
Marla Solis / Source Instagram @maroficial
Marla Solis shows off her blue dress / Source Instagram @maroficial

On social media, Marla has been a revelation, with more than 241,000 followers on Instagram. The young woman has caught the attention of her followers with her tight blue dress that showed her cleavage, and she has shown why she is considered one of the most beautiful women. In addition, Marla has inherited the beauty of her mother, the Cuban model Cristy Solís, and has revolutionized social networks with her posts.

How many daughters does Marco Antonio Solís have?

the mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis, one of the most popular figures of music in Mexico, has had a poorly documented private life. Despite this, it is known that the singer-songwriter has had two marriages and is the father of three daughters: Beatriz Adriana, Marla and Alison.

Beatriz Adriana Solíz, daughter of Marco Antonio Solís

Beatrice Adriana She is the daughter of Marco Antonio and the singer Beatriz Adriana Floresto whom he was married from 1983 to 1987. Marla and Alisonfor their part, are daughters of the marriage between Marco Antonio and Cristy Salashis current wife since 1993.

Alison Solis with Marco Antonio Solis

the three daughters of Marco Antonio Solis They have inherited his musical talent. Beatriz Adriana is a 32-year-old professional singer and is currently part of the “Poker de Sotas, women can also” tour.

Marla and Alison, aged 20 and 21 respectively, are developing their music career and have posted a few songs on YouTube, including the hit “Stay.”