Heartbreaking: Claudia Conserva showed BRAVA the documentary where she shows her fight against cancer

The new project of TVN where the first person testimony of Claudia Preserves in “Brava”, the new documentary that will show how the cheerleader faces her difficult fight against breast cancer.

The audiovisual project, announced by the Conserva itself on its social networks, aims to share its experience after being diagnosed with one of the most aggressive diseases that exist. “It’s been nine months since I found out my diagnosis: triple negative breast cancer. It’s been a duel to the death with the disease,” said the cheerleader.

Claudia decided to record her pain and uncertainty with her cell phone, with the intention of sharing her experience with millions of women and families who are facing this disease. “The objective is to share the experience that I have lived like millions of people and their families, facing this disease. This documentary is called ‘Brava’ and I thank TVN for presenting it on their screen so that I can tirelessly repeat that a timely diagnosis can save your life. life,” said Claudia.

In the documentary, you can see how Claudia Preserves You deal with the diagnosis, treatments, and changes you have experienced in your daily life. “Brava” is a first-person record of the hard struggle of Claudia Preserves against breast cancer, which aims to make visible the importance of early diagnosis for the prevention of this disease.

The broadcast of the documentary by TVN It will be a space to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the cheerleader’s personal process in her fight against this disease.