Heartstopper, everything you need to know about the third season of the tv series

The 8 episodes of Heartstoppers 2 they came out on August 3, but fans are already clamoring for another season. Said and done: Netflix has posted an image that leaves no room for doubt, confirming (if ever there was still any doubt) that the third season will come.

The success of Heartstoppers

The first season of Heartstoppers it was so successful that Netflix immediately renewed it for two more seasons. In other words, Heartstopper 3 was announced already in May 2022. The creator of him, Alice Osman, confessed to Entertainment Weekly a few days ago: “I started writing it right now. We didn’t expect to get a season 3 renewal at the same time as season 2 because it’s pretty rare, to be honest.” She then explained: “Having known so far in advance has allowed us to think carefully about what will happen in season 3”. A little luxury in the world of TV series.

What will happen in season 3

As it stands now, Netflix has yet to reveal when it plans to release season 3 of Heartstoppers. However, considering the 16-month gap between Seasons 1 and 2, there’s a chance Season 3 will air around December 2024. The unknown factor is given by the SAG-AFTRA strike: it is not clear whether Heartstoppers, which is a British production, will join. at the protests. What is certain is that they will return Joe Locke and Kit Connorwhile the other returns have not yet been made official (although, with Elle now in art school, new characters are likely to be introduced).

The plot of Heartstoppers 2

Nick and Charlie, in the second season of the series, live (and live) their story. Tara and Darcy encounter unexpected difficulties, while Tao and Elle try to go beyond friendship. The challenges therefore seem to be endless, between the dictates of love, the rules of friendship, upcoming exams and a school trip to Paris.