Heat and thunderstorms, mini-turnaround on Italy is coming: weather forecast for the next few days

In the Center-North the summer could return with pleasant temperatures. And what happens in the South?

A mini weather reversal is coming to Italy. According to the latest forecasts for the next few days, bad weather will arrive in the South where it was sunny and hot with thunderstorms that will bring moments of instability and coolness, while in the Center-North the summer could return with pleasant temperatures.

The experts of the site www.iLMeteo.it underline the “turbulent period in our country: in recent days we have had to deal with the dramatic entry of the Atlantic Cyclone into the heart of the summer, with consequent extreme storms over much of the Center-North. , while an exceptional heat, up to 44 ° C, enveloped the South, in particular Sicily. Well this ‘Atlantic Cyclone in the Heart of Summer’ is still affecting the weather and its definitive departure towards the Balkans, even if a high blockade pressure, present on Ukraine, will prevent a further eastward advance of the bad weather “.

So what will happen after the weekend? “In summary – explains www.iLMeteo.it – ​​from next week the Cyclone will be stationed on the Balkans, but will partly expand also towards our southern regions: here is therefore the unexpected danger: while in the Center-North an anticyclonic promontory will be able to advance oceanic first and then African, this time the disturbances will touch our South. Southern Italy therefore looms the perturbed spirals of the Balkan Cyclone: ​​in practice, this translates into the risk of thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon, even if patchy leopard “.

“So let’s go into more detail, but always remembering that this is a trend forecast, given the time gap still quite high: already on Monday 22 thunderstorms scattered between Sicily and Calabria are expected, especially in the afternoon, but the most dynamic day it could be that of Tuesday 23, with bad weather that could affect much of the south: thunderstorms are not continuous, but widespread, locally intense along the coastal areas due to the high sea temperature. Wednesday 24 still residual instability, with some showers more likely in inland areas and in the afternoon. From Thursday 25 the situation could be unblocked with the shift of the Balkan cyclone towards Turkey and with a consequent general improvement of the weather also in the South “.

But will the weather always be nice in the Center-North? “Initially yes: thanks to the protection guaranteed by high pressure we will have sunny days, but not too hot; on the contrary, on Monday morning the lows will be close to zero degrees in the Alps, at 1500 meters. The maximums until Wednesday 24 will be around 32 / 33 ° C, then they could slowly rise again, with the recovery of the African Anti-cyclone expected from Thursday 25. It must be said, however, that for the last weekend of August a stormy passage over the northern regions cannot be ruled out “.

“As we can see, the weather ingredients are numerous: since this is a trend for next week we suggest consulting the weather reports daily: at the moment a mini-turnaround is expected, where there was the sun and the heat (South) there will be moments of instability and cool, while the Italian summer could return to the Center-North, the pleasant one, the one without thermal excesses, without boiling temperatures “concludes iLMeteo.it.