Heat and thunderstorms, summer in crisis: the weather for August

The high pressure will retreat towards the South, by the 15th expected thunderstorms that could affect, in patches, many parts of the North and Center

Sun, heat, bad weather, thunderstorms: what weather awaits us in mid-August and in the days to follow? The site www.iLMeteo.it takes stock, which recalls how “many years ago the summer break almost always took place in the middle of the month: around August 15th the first Atlantic perturbations to spoil the weather arrived. In recent years, the anticyclone instead it has often dominated the Italian weather with sun and heat at least until the first ten days of September: this decidedly bizarre 2022 wants to surprise us again and we will be able to receive interesting weather news “.

“2022 began with an anomalous heat wave for New Year’s Eve, continued with the absence of snow in the mountains during the winter and with very little rain in the spring: due to this unusual trend, the drought reached extreme values and the spiteful 2022, to date, is the driest year since 1800. To all this it must be added that the Summer began early, already in May, with frequent African heat waves that led to widespread highs of 40 ° C and sea temperatures up to 30 ° C, like in the Caribbean or even higher “, explain the experts.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it, predicts that 2022 will continue to amaze us in the coming days. A new Summer crisis is coming in August as it hasn’t happened for years, the high pressure will retreat towards the South: for the 15th day, in fact, thunderstorms are expected that could affect, in patches, many parts of the North and of the Middle. These will be short and sometimes intense phenomena that will also leave room for large sunny moments; the fully beautiful weather will be relegated to the south, after the storms of recent days.

But another surprise will come: from Tuesday the sixth heat wave towards the Center-South will erupt from North Africa with peaks of 40-42 ° C, locally even higher in the inland areas of the Major Islands. And it does not end here: while in the Center-South we will come to terms with new sultry and oppressive conditions, in the North we will be able to witness a break in the Summer more decisive from mid-week, as it happened in the 80s-90s: storms and thermal drop since Wednesday with greater involvement of the sectors adjacent to the Alpine and Pre-Alpine areas. Later this break of the early Summer could also affect the Center …

Obviously all these projections will be confirmed in the next few days, meanwhile iLMeteo.it indicates in detail the expected time for Ferragosto: in the morning some rain showers scattered over Liguria, Upper Tuscany, Alps and Prealps, in the afternoon more widespread showers in the North and locally in extension from Tuscany to Umbria, Lazio, Sardinia and northern Marche. In the South a splendid day with moderately increasing heat.


Sunday 14th. In the North: sunny and warmer, showers from the afternoon towards the Western Alps. In the Center: good weather. In the South: residual showers until early morning on Puglia and Ionian Sicily, subsequent rapid improvement.

Monday 15. In the North: thunderstorms arriving over the Alps, then towards evening on Lombardy and Triveneto, but of a sparse nature. In the Center: increasingly unstable weather over Tuscany, Umbria and upper Lazio, especially from the afternoon / evening. In the South: good and warm weather.

Tuesday 16. In the North: mostly sunny except for local storms on the Alps, Prealps and adjacent areas. In the Center: temporal blocks on the Apennines. In the South: good weather and very hot.

Trend: sixth African heat wave of the season, for at least 3-4 days in the Center-South; storms in the North from Wednesday.