Heather Parisi to ‘Belve’: “I suffered physical, sexual and psychological violence” – Video

The showgirl guest of Francesca Fagnani’s show: “Nothing in common with Lorella Cuccarini”

“I suffered physical, sexual and psychological violence”. It is the shocking confession of Heather Parisi, guest tomorrow of Francesca Fagnani’s ‘Belve’ show, at 9 pm on Rai2. And when the presenter asks her about that period of violence, Heather Parisi replies: “I’m talking about physical, sexual violence, but the worst thing for me was psychological violence. It’s very complicated because people see but say nothing, you they say you are a liar”. Fagnani asks if she is talking about her partner at the time: “No partner, he was a person who stood by me”. And on why she did not report that man, Parisi replies: “I am not looking for the revenge”. Fagnani insists: why did she protect him by never saying his name? “I didn’t protect him, I protected me”.

On the transfer to Asia, which according to some is linked to financial problems, Parisi says: “No, my husband has never had problems with the law. Yes, he closed a factory, it’s unfortunate but it’s not a crime. We didn’t run away because we come to Italy when we want, we go and we come back, I’m always here”.

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Parisi also talks about his childhood marked by the separation of his parents: “My father left home when I was two, my mother was never around, I was a mother to my sister Tiffany. I cooked, washed the house, did the laundry and baby-sat. It was a lot to ask of an eight-year-old girl, which is why I was saved when I got a scholarship at the age of twelve and went to live alone”.

Finally, on the alleged rivalry with Lorella Cuccarini, the showgirl denies: “There has never been a rivalry, because I have never seen anyone as a rival; I have always decided which broadcast to do, which record to do, and which hosted to do. And then if you think about it, we are two completely different things. She is first in the class, she knows everything by heart, while I always do what comes to mind at the moment. If I do a studio rehearsal on the air, I’m doing a completely different thing”. Fagnani asks: so you are more of an artist? And the showgirl: “No, I’m just saying that we have nothing in common”.