Heather Parisi: “Video for the no to the vaccine, YouTube censors me”

The showgirl’s complaint on Twitter: “Why are they so scared? I just reported the ‘official version”

“YouTube censored my video, so I posted it here. Why are they so scared? I just reported the ‘official story’ … why I didn’t get vaccinated.” This is what Heather Parisi writes on Twitter. The showgirl remembers: “I wrote that it has become difficult to travel and that I miss having the opportunity to visit my family in Italy and the USA; and above all that I miss my mother who a couple of days after doing the vaccine in March 2021 she was hospitalized with severe adverse effects and has not recovered since. Open heaven! “.

Parisi’s protest continues: “For vaccine fanatics I am irresponsible and a liar and I give false information: fake news is the magic word to shut up anyone who tells something different from the official version. Just like when I explain why I I do not vaccinate, even if in a normal society there would be no need to justify the very personal decision not to get vaccinated. But for almost two years we have no longer lived in a normal society and when I dare to say that I do not vaccinate myself .. . Irresponsible and inadequate to speak is only the public figure and the show who does not get vaccinated; if the artist is vaccinated, then suddenly he is counted among those who have the right to speak “.