Heaven of the Ladies: the shocking discovery, no one expected it

The paradise of the Ladies: the shocking discovery, no one expected it; concerns the next season of the beloved Rai Uno series.

How much do you miss the main TV shows? Don’t worry, after the usual summer break they are ready to go back on the air. From reality shows to soap operas: TV schedules are ready to be enriched with new, exciting adventures. And one of the most loved series by viewers is undoubtedly The ladies’ paradise, the very popular soap opera by Rai Uno.

The ladies’ paradise (Credits Raiplay)

Soap that will return to keep the public company starting Monday 12 September, with new episodes full of twists. And, speaking of new episodes, there is a really succulent anticipation. It was revealed by one of the protagonists of the TV series, in an interview with Di Più TV. If you are curious to find out more, you are in the right place.

The ladies’ paradise, the discovery concerns the new episodes of the soap

Everything is ready for the return of The Paradise of the ladies, which will restart on Rai Uno from 12 September. In reality, the soap will return from September 5, but with reruns of the last episodes, and then officially resume with unreleased episodes. New episodes, full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. Like the one that will do one of the absolute protagonists of the soap, Ludovica Brancia of Montalto. To tell it was the actress who lends her face, the beautiful Giulia Arenacrowned Miss Italy in 2013.

In an interview with the weekly Di Più Tv, the actress explained that her character will be definitely amazed in find a completely different Marcello. Last season, in fact, Ludovica had decided to separate from Marcello and leave for Greece with Ferdinando. What will happen when you return to Milan?

“Ludovica will be shocked to see the changes that Marcello has made: has studied, has created new outlets, wants to become a businessman “, told the Arena, which suggests that, between Ludovica and Marcello, it will certainly not end here. The two will clash, but the feeling that bound them has not faded yet … A super interesting anticipation, which only increases the expectation of viewers, who can’t wait to follow the new adventures within The Paradise of the Ladies, the department store where all the stories take place. But what other surprises await us in the next season of the series?

the ladies' paradise discovery
Giulia Arena (Youtube Credits)

We will see an increasingly heated confrontation between Umberto Guarnieri and Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo: the latter will be able to count on the alliance of Vittorio Conti. Apparently, Umberto will become an increasingly gloomy character… .but we don’t want to reveal anything else! Important and shocking twists also regarding the triangle formed by Ezio, Veronica and Gloria. To find out all the details, we just have to tune in to Rai Uno from Monday 12 September, at the usual time of 3:55 pm.