Hedera, the smart and sustainable domestic vertical garden

A vertical domestic vegetable garden, or rather a indoor vertical gardens, to grow vegetables of the most diverse types and sizes: it’s Hedera, the idea of ​​the Lightgreen company and the startup Hikari. To accompany us in the discovery of Hedera is the art director of the project, Gianfranco Gasparini.

How Hedera is made

Hedera is distributed in three different types: with four pots (the largest and most complete vegetable garden), with two pots or even with just one pot. In the version with four or two pots it also integrates a water tank that allows you to irrigate the system with drippers, offering an autonomy of over a month. Hedera is equipped with a LED light designed to “imitate” sunlight and can be installed anywhere, both on the wall and on a support, as long as there is a power outlet. And speaking of energy, they explain to us, Hedera consumes around 30, 40 euros a year. The pots are made with natural flax fiber, bio-resins derived from soy, corn, sugar cane, potatoes or cellulose and a bio-filler made from food crop waste. The different composition also allows you to distribute Hedera in two colours, one lighter and one darker.

What can be grown

But what can be placed inside the jars? Practically everything: aromatic plants (with a four pot system it is possible to practically create a complete vegetable garden), ornamental plants, edible flowers and, in the future, even sprouts. Through the app it is possible to manage the garden even remotely and set the lighting hours and watering minutes per day. The price of Hedera is 785 euros for the four-pot system, 249 for the single system while the two-pot system will be marketed shortly.