Heidi Kisses to Verissimo, the attack on Massimiliano Varrese: “Big Brother ruined me”

The contestant goes back to leaving the house and the relationship with the contestant

“Did Massimiliano Varrese ruin Big Brother for me? Unfortunately that’s how it is. I wouldn’t go back, I made the right decision.” Heidi Baci, guest today on Verissimo on Canale 5, does not deny her decision to leave Big Brother after the request of her father, who is clearly against the relationship between her daughter and Massimiliano Varrese.

“My mother had several panic attacks, it was a strong experience. She realized that something was wrong, I was in difficulty. My parents saw me cry, they weren’t used to seeing me like that. I understood my father’s attitude when he entered the House, the decision to leave was mine. I left for my mother, her health was the main motivation: I couldn’t stay there, it would have been unthinkable”, says Heidi .

“At first I was intrigued by Massimiliano, he had this air of a serious, wise man. Then the situation got worse. He says we were in love? For me it’s impossible for that to happen in 3 weeks. I wanted a civil cohabitation relationship, then it became an obsession that I couldn’t manage. There was no more freedom”, he continues.

“I didn’t want to reject him so strongly again, after a series of nos: I tried to soften the tone but it wasn’t possible. I tried to manage the situation tactfully but I couldn’t. I should have been clearer, put up walls. When I went out, I saw scenes on TV that I hadn’t caught from inside the house. And I understood the feelings my parents felt much better”, she concludes.